Here is the bookshelf. All books currently available, and links to the page with buy links, excerpts and details. They're listed by series and series order. Click on the covers for a link to the page, where you can read an excerpt and buy the book. Each heading is a link, which will take you to a page with more detailed descriptions of the books, some snippets about how they came to be written, and more buy links.

Check out what's coming next here, on the Coming Soon page. For a list of the series and the books, in order, see the bottom of the page.

Contemporary Romance


a loosely linked series about people with singular tastes in erotic sex

Texas Heat  Stripped Bare  unlaced  Beautifully Beautiful  Sixth Sense       

Paranormal Romance

Pure Wildfire - Shape-shifters Rock!

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Agents of CAT - Talents fighting for justice

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The Thorndykes - Even Talents need to escape

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Department 57 - James Bond with fang and claw

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Hosts To Ghosts - TV, vampires and ghosts! 

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Series, in order

Dept 57
Chemistry of Evil
Griffin's Treasure
Treasure Laid Bare
Jewel of the Dragon
Cats' Eyes
Topaz Delirium
Liquid Crystal
Crystal Captive
Crystal Tides
Bloody Crystal
Rubies of Fire
Diamonds of Ice

Hosts to Ghosts
Black Leather, White Lace - Vernon
Black Leather, White Lace - Nathaniel
The Haunting of Belle Sauvage
Rendezvous at Midnight

Texas Heat
Stripped Bare
Brutally Beautiful
Sixth Sense

Agents of CAT
Last Enchantment

The Naughty Literati
The Naughty List
Naughty Hearts

The Thorndykes
Dancing At Midnight

Pure Wildfire



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