Paranormal Romance

I love writing about people with special Talents, and the way they cope in a hostile world. Click on the covers to go to a page with details, buy links and extracts. Check the paranormal romance page for details of my "world" and the mythologies that I drew it from.

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When a dragon flies over Central Park, the world is changed forever. This is what happens after the Department 57 series. Now Talents are living openly amongst humans.

Red Alert  Red Heat  Red Shadow  Red Inferno  Doing It Right  Shifting Heat

The Thorndykes

The Thorndykes concentrate on spiriting Talents to safety, away from the PLR organization, and give them new identities. The first in the series is Dispossessed. Texas, Regency rakes and sassy heroines!

The Thorndykes - Even Talents need to escape

  Dancing At Midnight

Department 57 - James Bond with fang and claw

What if paranormal beings lived among us? What if they are helping the authorities to prevent evil influences from taking over the world? But Talents, as they call themselves, have their own agenda, too. Dark, deadly and dangerous, these characters will steal your heart!

Chemistry of Evil    Griffin's Treasure  Jewel of the Dragon  Topaz Delirium  Cats' Eyes  Liquid Crystal  Crystal Captive  Crystal Tides  Bloody Crystal  Rubies of Fire  Diamonds of Ice

Hosts To Ghosts - TV, vampires and ghosts! 

Vampires can see - and communicate with - dead people! A TV company sets out with two missions: to make exciting ghost hunting stories, and to help the ghosts find peace.

Black Leather, White Lace; Vernon   Black Leather, White Lace; Nathaniel   The Haunting of Belle Sauvage   HTGbox-set-3d  Rendezvous at Midnight