The Thorndykes is about three Regency rakes living in today's world. They were converted to paranormal beings two hundred years ago, and have lived through every day since. Now it's time for them to meet the one person who will complete and fulfill them.


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Lucille attends a masquerade and meets a real-life Regency rake. A young vampire, she’s never met an old one like Jay before. Together, they burn up the night, but in the morning, danger threatens. They find Lucille's brother, badly hurt. The evidence is mounting: someone is trying to kill Lucille, and maybe Jay.

The threat sends Jay's possessive instincts into overdrive. At first he just wants to protect Lucille from her persecutors, the anti-vampire organization, the PLR. Yet, soon, it's not enough for him. With the help of an old friend, Jay plans to destroy the PLR, even though he knows even if he doestheir affair can’t last. He’s too old and jaded and she’s too young and fresh. Plus, with the danger threatening her life, she’ll have to use the Thorndyke network to escape, change her identity, and never come back.

“This reader has long been a huge fan of Lynne Connolly but I have to say that I can never predict where her stories will take me. From the supernatural world to historical settings to contemporary; Lynne Connolly’s work is never dull and her research solid enough to make her tales ring true.” – Fallen Angel Reviews

Dancing At MidnightDancing at Midnight

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Kristen Lowe has one last chance to fulfil her dream of becoming a prima ballerina. But on her way to the audition, she’s trapped in a snowstorm and takes shelter at a house on the road. The owner, Nathan Beaumont, runs Maskerade, a nightclub specializing in dance but he doesn’t tell Kristin that. The two spend a passionate night together and then part ways, not expecting to see each other again.

When fate brings them back together, Kristen finds herself with a new dance partner, and a new lover. But being the owner of Maskerade isn't the only secret Nathan has been keeping from her. He's dragon shape-shifter. With his powerful enemies closing in on them, it won't be long until she finds out.